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Association Rules & Regulations (AR&Rs)
To view the current AR&Rs, click here.

Legends Gate Entry Instructions


1. Press the "KEY" button (button with a picture of a key on it),

2. Then enter your 6-digit code (be sure to include any leading zeros in your code, example: 001234).

Make sure to push the buttons in all the way. If access is denied, you must wait 20 - 30 seconds to allow the keypad to reset itself before trying again.


At the keypad, the visitor/guest has two options to call their party:

1. Scroll up or down to find the resident's name, then push in the 3-digit directory code next to the name;


2. Highlight the resident's name and push the CALL button.

The system will then call the resident's phone at home. The resident needs to then push ONLY the "9" on their telephone - the call will disconnect and the gate will open. The duration of the call is only 20 - 30 seconds and then the system will disconnect.

IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE USING THE GATE, PUSH THE ORANGE BUTTON MARKED "HELP" FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE. This will allow the phone access system to provide brief notes about using the gate.

If you need a code, or have forgotten/misplaced your code, contact Alltech Security Systems, 520-747-4441, or our Association Manager (info on Home Page).

Pool Rules & Guidelines
Pool Rules for your safety and enjoyment when using the pool and spa. Please read...

Guidelines for Private Use of the Pool Area
Following review and approval by our attorney, guidelines for use of our pool area for private parties are adopted. Many thanks to the Pool Committee for their work! To read the new guidelines, Click here

New Resident & Renter Guide
New Resident & Renter Guide Are you a new resident or renter in our Legends community? This helpful guide provides infomation and answers many frequently asked questions. Read more...

Desert Plants & Gardening

elpful articles that discuss watering, plant selection and other gardening information for our Green Valley Area...
  • Recommended Watering Schedule for established garden & landscape plants. Read more...
  • Water evaporation in the desert is a fact of life. (Article courtesy of the Green Valley News & Sun, Sept. 9, 2008.) Read more...
  • Select your desert plants with this helpful list. Page 1; Page 2
  • Some years, we can get one heck of a mess of rain during the monsoon season, and it varies dramatically over a small geographic area. See the map...

Flowering Calendar Check out this calendar to see the best times to see & photograph your favorite desert flora.


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