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(Items on this website have been updated: March 11, 2015)

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  • Annual Meeting
    The minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting are now available.

  • CALC Report - February 11, 2015
    1. The cutting of Texas Rangers began Feb, 11 by Armando’s Crew utilizing drop box arranged by John Overbay.
    2. Problems with West Bank Trimming: Due to a misunderstanding by Ted Tasso, Landscaper for Sunrise Point, several trees were trimmed more than we had expected or approved. This action will eventually correct itself. However in the meantime disapproval has been received by Legends HOA President, Art Quinn, and CALC Chair. In response to the complaints, several trees and shrubs will be added to the West Bank. This was not anticipated in 2015 budget but will be taken out of CALC operating budget. Adjustment will be requested in 2016
    3. Trimming of trees and shrubs continues
    4. The heavy rains in January/February brought a surprise visit of winter weeds. Armando applied additional spray of weeds and there is improvement. Additional cutting, if needed, will be completed in the next few weeks.
    5. After discussion, CALC has decided, that no new plantings of Blue Agave would be allowed in Common Area. They are subject to infestation of snout nosed weevil which destroy the plant.
    6. Armando has been asked to use his discretion to remove plants that have surpassed their normal/healthy lifecycle and appear dead, sick or deformed.
    7. The CALC REQUEST FOR ACTION form has been updated and will be submitted to Jill for publication on Legends website after review by the Committee.
    8. Committee reviewed suggested plants for addition to Tulum and Espinosa this spring. Art and Leah Sachtjen and Carol Bier will mark spots with stakes for planting March/April.

    Submitted by Bob Martin

  • GVC Resolution re: House Bill 3114 - HOA Communications
    Click here to view copies of letters received from Congressman Barber and Martha McSally. These letters are in response to a request from President Riddle asking for the Candidates support of the Council’s Resolution passed in April, 2013. The resolution is also available in the file and was co-authored by Loren Thorson and the GVC Council. In response to the Resolution, Congressman Barber introduced legislation on September 17th, 2013, i.e. House Bill 3114. They are looking for co-sponsors.

  • GVC President's Letter
    The September 2014 GVC President's Letter is now available. Click here to read.

  • Board Meeting Dates
    This autumn, the Legends' Board of Directors will meet on the following Wednesdays: October 15, November 12th and December 10. Meetings will be at 9:00 in the Fiesta room at Santa Rita Springs. In January through April of 2015, the Board will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

  • Message from CALC.
    Greetings from CALC. We are aware that there are lots of weeds following the summer monsoons. We are grateful for the rain in the desert. But as it causes a wonderful blossoming of color everywhere, it also brings out the accompanying weeds throughout the Legends and all of Green Valley. Our landscaper is very aware of the weeds and is focusing much energy on their removal. We will keep the community looking as beautiful as possible.
    -Bob Martin, Common Area Landscape Committee, chairman

  • Odds & Ends!
    - Please ask your service providers to enter and exit through the south gate
    - All garbage containers must be stored inside your garage (refer to CC&R 12.2.9 ...containers shall not be visible from Neighboring Property except on the dates of regular garbage pickup

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Association Manager Contact Information

Helen B. Brown, CAAM
Legends Community Manager
Stratford Management
P.O. Box 40790
1820 E. River Road, Suite 110
Tucson, AZ 85717
Ph: 520-822-8047 (direct)
Ph: 520-795-6500, ext. 1019
FAX: 520-822-8084

Edwin Ortiz, Administrative Assistant
520-795-6500 extension 1021

Cherie Hewitson, General Manager
520-795-6500 extension 1035

Holly King, Account for The Legends
PH: 520-795-6500, ext. 1020

Will Jecker, Accounts Receivable Help Desk
PH: 520-795-6500, ext. 1025

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